International event that expresses the academic, scientific, technical and social development of Archival in the Ibero-American community, "as well as a manifestation of twinning among all the archivists".

From October 21 to October 25 of 2019
AV 18 DE JULIO 1360 Montevideo Uruguay

About the Event

Following the formation of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) through the Treaty of Asuncion of March 26, 1991, it was decided that the archives could not be alien to this proposal. The recognition of the importance of regionalization in the search for common solutions, for the management of documents and the professionalization of archives, as well as the need to direct the discussion towards the implementation of national policies and to promote the growth of archival activity, motivates a group of professionals in the area, in August 1996, to carry out, in the city of Paraná (Entre Ríos, Argentina), the First Congress of Mercosur Archivology, I CAM.The MERCOSUR Archives Congresses have been developed continuously and successfully since 1996, with the II CAM taking place the following year, 1997, and subsequently every 2 years having a successful career and being an indisputable contribution for the development of the Latin American Archives. , bringing together specialists, professionals and workers to promote the theoretical development of Archival in the region and its practical application in the archives in general in order to ensure the full enjoyment of citizens' rights through unrestricted access to public information. These congresses constitute the academic, scientific, investigative, technical and social activities, most important in the matter and are the clear expression of the academic development of the specialty in the Ibero-American community, as well as a manifestation of brotherhood among all the archivists.



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Asociación Uruguaya de Archivólogos
Año Iberoamericano de los Archivos